Saturday, June 20, 2009

What Are the Dangers of Hot Tubs?

Hot Tub Safety

By Ryn Gargulinski

A hot tub can provide a soothing, relaxing soak, but it can also turn into a bubbling cauldron of infection and detriments if some caution is not heeded. Certain people, such as those on particular medications or who are pregnant, should probably skip the hot tub altogether. Others can enjoy a soak, as long as it's kept relatively short and some guidelines are followed.

1. Maximum time in a hot tub should be no more than 20 minutes. That may seem quite short, but any longer can lead to dehydration or your body becoming way too overheated.

2. Hot tub temperatures should be kept between 100 and 102 degrees F. If they're not, bacteria can thrive and make people sick. Some water-borne infections common with hot tubs that are not hot enough or clean enough include a form of pneumonia called Legionnaires' disease and pseudomonas folliculitis, which results in pus-filled, red blisters. Soakers can also get sick from respiratory and ear infections if they submerge their heads underwater. Hot tubs that are too hot can damage skin.

3. Pregnant women should avoid hot tubs as the heat makes their bodies too hot to be safe for unborn babies. Babies who are in too warm of a womb may be injured or killed.

4. Anyone who is taking blood thinners for a pre-existing condition, such as those with heart disease or clotting issues, should avoid or severely limit their time in a hot tub. Blood thinners can make the body very sensitive to high temperatures, resulting in dizziness or nausea. Likewise, those who are on blood pressure medication should ask their doctors before enjoying a soak. Other prescription medications may also make folks light-headed or sedated, two more reasons to avoid a hot tub.

5. Hot tubs can be the life of a party, for sure, but they can also lead to death if revelers are not careful. Folks who are drunk or who have consumed large quantities of alcohol or drugs should definitely steer clear of a hot tub. Being under the influence distorts reasoning and motor skills, both of which can lead to drowning or other problems from over-soaking.

Hot Tub Safety

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hot tub safety

hot tub safety